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Forma is a product of Tracce’s collection, a series of lime-based products that revisits in a modern way the beauty of wall decoration, expressed through the consistency and depth of effects.

Tracce Forma is a lime-based decorative product which enables household walls to be upholstered with the most modern metropolitan trend vision: the concrete

effect. It comes with eight contemporary colors, from classic grey to spicy pastel shades, combining its expressive power with a simple application. It’s suitable for anyone who wants to customize their home with a decorative effect.


Mohair is a water based decorative paint with soft and silky detail, which allows you give depth and movement to the interior of your home or commercial activity. Thanks to its flexible charges, few brushstrokes are enough to have a decorative effect of great impact.

by Candis

Pashmina is completely formualted using water based chemicals. It is environmentally friendly made up selected raw materials and is offered in a unique neutral base, wich can be supplemented by a series of Candis colour tones. Candis with Pashmina, arms to effer the market and the end user a decorative product that keeps with modern trendas, tavouring natural, warm and enveloping colurs, blended togheder for a decorative effect that is slighly velvety to the touch, elegamnt and refined, yet not too flashy.


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